Feng Shui


Feng Shui is the art of creating good energy or Chi – creating an environment that maximises the positive flow of the life force energy.

There are different teaching variants of Feng Shui which can be very overwhelming and confusing to people. My consultancy is simple and easy to understand as too many alternatives can confuse the basic need of what works and what doesn’t in a home or office space.

I use a compass to find the magnetic North direction of your home or office.  This will determine which section of your environment correlates to the Ba Gua – A Feng Shui Map that divides your home into 9 sectors relating to health, wealth, family, career, relationships, children, wisdom, fame & helpful people.  I will then take you through each section, to evaluate what is working positively and what needs attention.

My main focus is to work with your existing furniture and accessories to harmonise and balance your space and to help to create luck, abundance, wellbeing and prosperity, in your immediate environment.

To complete the assessment, a copy of the floor plan of your home or work space is required. I will email a personalised report, on each area to enhance their positive Chi and reduce their negative Chi or Sha Chi.

The report will have a breakdown of each room with recommendations for placement of

  • Colours
  • Styles
  • Shapes
  • Furniture
  • Remedies

Feng Shui can also be applied to your outside areas. Suggestions and ideas for outside garden placement, features or fountains can also be requested.

I offer remote or distant consultancy via email.  I will need a basic compass reading if possible and an emailed floor plan to complete my assessment and send my report.

If this easy and practical style of Feng Shui consultancy suits your needs please fill in the contact form below for further information or to make a booking.

Investment $AUD: 

Perth North Metro On Site Consultation and Report for Standard:

Single story 4 bedroom house/ Office:   $300

Double story/5+ Bed house:    $420

Remote/Distant Report for Standard:

Single story/ Office:    $200

Double story:    $320