Card Reading


Card readings are mainly done by email; you don’t have to leave your home or office, so no matter where you live in the world I am available to read for you.  I read for many international clients as well as local. Face to face readings are available if you live in the Perth area via the contact section of this page. I have been intuitively reading cards for over 20 years and I have currently 40 different decks to suit your specific area of concern.20190503_133354

Email readings are generally done within 48 hours, depending on time zones.  My Tarot and Oracle card readings are gentle and honest; information given in readings is generally of a positive nature & for your highest good. This is to help empower you to make decisions that are right for you and in your best interest. It helps you tap into your intuition, to make choices regardless of what the reading suggests. If it feels right then stick with it, if it doesn’t then you must follow your own judgement.

It’s important to remember that Tarot readings are a guide to help you on your path; it’s never a replacement for professional advice regarding finances, medical or legal advice. You must always consult the appropriate professional body.

There are many different readings to choose from depending on your question and depth of answer you require or need.  Generally three card readings are for past, present and immediate future based on your current situation. A Standard reading of six or more cards will delve a little deeper into other factors surrounding you at this point in time. A Combination reading is of a mix of Tarot and Oracle cards usually consisting of 10 or more cards depending on the situation.

Your future is always fluid and is not set in stone. The cards will give you an indication of where you are heading based on your current path. You have free will to change your path and destiny at any point in time, so a readings outcome will not come to pass if you decide to change your current situation.

Reading requests about someone else’s situation or a third party will not be done as it is ethically wrong. The issue at hand has to be directly related to your situation, unless the person is also present at the reading and gives their permission.

Payment is required prior to your email reading via PayPal. Once a reading is confirmed I will send a link via email to PayPal.  By purchasing a reading service, you authorise the charges made to consult with me are based on the agreed cards & layout.  Refunds are not given based on outcomes not being to your liking. Cancellations require at least 12 hours’ notice and will be rescheduled for another date and time in lieu of a refund. For legal reasons card readings are for entertainment purposes only.

To request a reading or for more information about card readings, please fill in your details below:

Prices for Readings per question $AUD:

3 card basic reading: Past-Present-Outcome                         $20

Standard Reading Tarot or Oracle                                          $50

Combined Tarot & Oracle Card Reading                                $80

12 month forecast                                                                  $100